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Digital AGENCY

Websites, ecommerce,
design and marketing

Websites and ecommerce

Fast and attractive solutions

Open Concept supplies complete web solutions for private and public enterprises.

Our solutions are based on tried-and-tested open source software, and are delivered with professional graphic and web design. We ensure quality content, fast and stable hosting, and compliance with legal requirements for universal design and data privacy.


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Digital design

for print, screen and mobile

We deliver complete graphic profiles for print and digital media, and create web designs with seamless functionality across screens, mobiles and tablets.

We produce HTML5 ads with graceful animations and small footprints that can be used across devices and channels.

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Effective content and certified ads


We offer content consultancy and deliver copy with high quality and relevance for better search engine rankings (SEO).

Our solutions ensure proper content structure and provide tools that simplify audits and updates of data relevant for SEO. We also perform keyword analysis to find the most important search terms.


Open Concept delivers complete campaigns with ad elements for multiple channels - print, web, mobile and apps.

We are AdWords certified and compose marketing campaigns for multiple ad networks. We ensure that businesses have effective landing pages to maximise conversions and sales.