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Digital strategy

Achieving solid marketing results requires clear business goals and planning. Is the top priority branding and exposure? Increased sales or views? Promoting single products or categories? Remarketing to invite former customers or visitors to return?

Open Concept assists in determining needs, priorities and adapting campaigns, ads and channels through multiple phases. We evaluate the market and competitors' positions and give advice based on your business' competitive advantages and market position.

Branding and campaigns

Open Concept helps customers build their brand identity through web and mobile ads tailored to specific objectives.

Campaign planning and administration can be technically demanding, and we recommend ad combinations, networks and campaign types based on needs and markets.

Effective marketing is a continuous task, and we carry out analysis and adjustments throughout the lifetime of the campaign. We ensure that knowledge gained from previous campaigns is retained and used.

Ad design

We create ads with non-intrusive and effective text, interactivity and multimedia regardless of target channel or network. We deliver modern ads adapted for use across devices, apps, websites and print media.

Content and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a field that's always evolving, but one factor remains constant: content. With high-quality and relevant content, most of the work has already been done to achieve high search rankings on Google and other search engines.

We provide content consultancy and production to ensure high quality and relevance of content in both ads and websites.

On the technical side we deliver solutions that produce correct structure and meta information (such as keywords and descriptions) and contribute to higher search rankings. Our platforms include tools that simplify audits and updates to information relevant for SEO.

We also perform keyword analysis to find the search terms that the customer should focus their efforts on.


Statistical information about views, clickthrough rates and demographic data are important elements when planning, executing and assessing campaigns. 

The visitor statistics of websites also provide valuable insights and reveal possible areas for improvement, and are also used when planning campaigns and content strategy.

Open Concept delivers statistics and analytics tools for websites and campaigns, and assists customers with statistical analysis and evaluation.

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