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Consultancy and management

Project management

We have experience in IT project management and administrative management of infrastructure and procurement projects.

Open Concept can deliver project management as part of a total solution or as an external consultant in projects with multiple subcontractors.

We use modern tools for project management and are focused on controlling costs, fulfilling legal requirements and maintaining project progression.

Project funding

Whether private or public, IT or infrastructure projects often require several funding sources. We have experience and a good track record in preparing funding applications and reports for public funding schemes, as well as preparing documentation and business plans aimed at banks and investors.

We can therefore assist in the preparatory or feasibility study phases of IT, infrastructure or procurement projects.


With several successful multi-million (NOK) procurements completed, we can offer consultancy services in connection with public procurement. Expertise in regulations, procurement processes and the relevant industry is important to reduce risk.

We can assist with tenders, requirements analysis and specification and also carry out procurement processes from start to finish with minimised risk.

IT system implementation

IT systems are traditionally at high risk of delays, budget overruns and implementation problems.

Open Concept has experience in the implementation of complex third-party IT systems in the health service, media and public sectors - such as health case management and publishing platforms.

We can provide consultancy for requirements analysis, training requirements and implementation planning for IT systems.